Matchmaking - Fractional Leaders

We give you pre-qualified referrals so you can skip all the time wasted on your personal sales, marketing, business development and non-starter leads. And there’s no risk to you because you only pay a referral fee when you get paid.
Stay in Your Sweet Spot
You’re great at being a fractional C-level executive. It would be amazing if you didn’t have to do the business development part so you can just focus on doing great work for your clients. 
You waste so much time talking to clients and having calls with people who end up looking for something you don’t do, don’t like doing, need a special type of experience you don’t have, or can’t afford you.
It’s Easy
Just fill out a brief profile questionnaire, including three current or past Fractional Leadership clients we can contact for recommendations. You’ll have a conversation with a member of our team and we’ll only reach out to your references if everything looks good after that. The reference check is a one-time thing.
No Risk
There is no risk to you. There are no up-front fees. You pay a referral fee only when you collect your first payment from a client we referred to you. Your network membership fee is waived for the first year. Our referral fee is either (1) a one-time payment of half of one month’s retainer (especially for sole practitioners) or (2) 10% of gross revenue for six months (especially for firms).

Our Proven Process


Quick Questionnaire to determine your background so we can give you great-fit referrals


We vet you or your firm into the network with a simple reference check


We match you with relevant business owners


You and the Client engage directly with each other


Frequently Asked Questions

The Fractional Leadership network is for individuals and firms who provide outsourced, part-time executive, C-level services to small and mid-sized businesses (typically 5-250 people). This is what we mean by the term “Fractional Leader®”. Fractional Leaders are those who do or wish to provide Fractional Leadership services as their primary business – not as a bridge solution till they find a full-time work, and not consulting or advisory (non-C-level position) services.

Fractional Leaders who have three current or past clients they provide as references to whom we may reach out (people to whom they do or have provided C-level, Fractional Leadership services) are eligible to apply to join the Fractional Leadership network as Full Members, i.e., eligible to receive referrals directly from Please note that there is no guarantee that particular referrals will work out.

Those who have two or fewer FL references are eligible to join as Associate Members who can apply for Full Membership later on. Associate membership includes participation in the network’s forthcoming peer advisory, Mastermind, professional development, and peer-to-peer-through-the-network referral process.

We will email each of your three references, giving them two options, depending on whatever is easier for them: (1) fill out a brief online reference form about you OR (2) use our calendar link to set up a time to provide the reference over the phone. It’s up to them – whichever option is easier.

Please note:

  • The information your references provides about you is CONFIDENTIAL. It will not be shared with ANYONE, publicly or privately, including with you, without the reference’s prior written (email) consent.
  • We will not add your reference’s contact info to any lists or contact them about anything other than this reference.
  • We will not call your references by phone unsolicited. They will be given the opportunity to fill out a brief online form or to schedule a time to provide the reference by phone, depending on whichever option is easier for them.

We at Fractional Leadership educate business owners about what Fractional Leadership is and why it’s valuable for them (many are not familiar!) and draw them to our vetted referral program in the following ways:

  • Book Publicity: Educate the small and mid-size business community about what Fractional Leadership is through its founder’s book, Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach and the publicity surrounding it.
  • Blog Articles: We are creating an ever-expanding pool of content to draw anyone interested in learning more about Fractional Leadership made up of articles published on our blog.
    • We are actively seeking members of the Fractional Leader community to elevate their own profile, themselves as thought leaders, and engage in content marketing to Fractional Leadership target market businesses. Please reach out to us to express your interest in contributing here.
  • Podcast: We share podcast episodes regularly which add value to small and mid-sized business owners to draw them to our site and referral platform.
  • Social Media: We cross-pollinate the value we share on our blog, podcast, and business in general by breaking up content which adds value to small and mid-size business owners into regular, frequent, useful, bite-size social media content through our accounts on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. This draws relevant business owners to us and our vetted Fractional Leader referral platform.
  • Marketing: We will engage in targeted digital media campaigns geared toward small and mid-size business owners.
  • Co-Marketing/Events: We plan to engage in co-marketing digital events, expos, webinars, and invitation-only programs with strategic partners to educate more business owners about what Fractional Leadership is, how it can benefit them, and about our vetted Fractional Leader referral program. If you are interested in partnering with us on something like that, please reach out!
Because business owners and leaders are more likely to retain you because of the strength of our referral, we consider our referral a material procuring cause of your engagement even if you were in touch with them before. That is likely why they requested a referral from Fractional Leadership although they were already in touch with you and, probably, other Fractional Leaders as well. That is why the Referral Agreement we sign with you provides that you pay us a referral fee even if you were already in touch with the business or its leadership before the referral.
If you charge by the hour or the amount the client we refer to you changes after the first month or throughout subsequent months, then your referral fee is based on your best estimate of your revenue the first three months of the engagement.

Yes, as either a Full or Associate member, you may refer clients and prospects to other Fractional Leadership network members, whether such members are, themselves, Full or Associate members. This is a great way to add value to your clients and prospects even if you don’t know the best Fractional Leader or firm satisfy their needs.

If you have a specific Fractional Leader in mind, you can indicate in the referral form who the referral goes to. If you do not have a specific recipient for the referral in mind, Fractional Leadership will make a great referral to your client or prospect.

The if the referral works out, the Fractional Leader will pay Fractional Leader the standard referral fee. Upon receipt of the referral fee, Fractional Leadership LLC will split the referral fee 50/50 with you.

Fractional Leadership is more than a vetted referral platform so you can kiss fewer frogs and skip straight to the most relevant potential clients.

In the near future, we will be rolling out the following programs exclusively for Fractional Leader network members:

  • Peer Advisory Group: made up of other Fractional Leaders so we can learn from each other and solve issues in a way that would be impossible on our own
  • Mastermind: small communities of 6-8 committed individuals in which we can develop deep relationships and help one another in a noncompetitive environment
  • Professional Development: opportunities to learn from speakers about things that will make us better