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Ben Wolf, founder and CEO of Fractional Leadership, has been on both sides of the Fractional Leader search process.
As a leader in companies where he served as Fractional Integrator (outsourced COO), he has searched for and found multiple Fractional Leaders for clients. And as a Fractional Integrator, he has gone through many cycles looking for new clients at the successful conclusion of each engagement.
Whether searching for Fractional Leaders, the hardest thing he found was the long, laborious, manual search process. He had to manually explore a completely non-standardized set of individual websites to try and tease out whether they had the industry or situational experience we needed, where they were located, and what they charged. Even then, he was forced to engage in endless calls with people who ended up being out of budget, lacking the right experience, or incompatible in some other way. 
He created Fractional Leadership to be the resource he wished he had when searching for the right Fractional CMO, head of sales, COO, Integrator, CFO, or technology leader. This is the only vetted Fractional Leader referral platform to help you find the right FL for marketing, sales, operations (both FCOO and Fractional Integrator), finance, and technology. It allows business owners and leaders to simply fill out a short profile and then receive up to three vetted Fractional Leader referrals within three business days.

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"When we needed to elevate our Sales and Marketing requirements, Ben sourced, profiled, and vetted several Fractional Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) candidates. Ben made the process of finding a Fractional Leader so easy. Because of him, we literally skipped straight to the finalists."

– Nathan Shea, Founder and CEO, SecureStrux

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